PC-BSD 10.1 – customizing powerd

Know that feeling that something is just different while using new operating system? Ok, fan is running and – indeed – it is caused by power (non-)saving features in default setting (at least in my case). How to solve it and make your laptop quiet?

For detailed information, please follow this link. I wish I have so many information in my head :-)…

First aid working perfectly for me:

Added lines in /boot/loader.conf :

Added lines in /etc/rc.conf :

Reboot is necessary.

Now you can check your current cpu demands by issuing (as root):

My output:


Overall – C states are very interesting reading in general. Powerd can attract your attention for some time, indeed!

Silent operating system again = happy user! 🙂

P.S.: Of course I’m asking why this is not setup by default installation. I don‘ t think I have somehow weird requirements.




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