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OpenSUSE 13.2, aria2 downloader

Universal (HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent and Metalink) downloader, allowing mixed source protocols in CLI – impossible? Welcome to Aria2 world 🙂 Very short intro, skipping whole documentation and showing friendly software usage.

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OpenSUSE 13.2, PostgreSQL installation (by zypper)

I love linux distributions alpha-releases. They are commonly more stable than any Windows family operating system + provides interesting new features sometimes. OpenSUSE 13.2 Milestone 0 was released 19.3.2014, providing btrfs as default file system, few minor changes and rolling- … Continue reading

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Solaris 11.1 (x86-64) installation in VirtualBox

As mentioned before, I hate dogmas. Very brief information leads to distorted judgments frequently. And it would be really pitty to say 1) Solaris needs SPARC for running and 2) Everything including install is really hard. Well, 2x no 🙂

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PC-BSD 10.0.1 – review

With some unchanging facts – 1) I´m lazy, 2) I want many things working out-of-box on operating sytem levels – the world of BSD is a little bit closed to me 🙂 GhostBSD meets my requirements for many years and … Continue reading

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RHEL 6.5 x64 with CentOS 6.5 repositories

Although it looks weird, there can be reasons why OS should be looking as RedHat and using on background CentOS software updates. Let´s simulate this *tricky* environment 🙂

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