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TokuDB 7.5.3 (MySQL 5.5.40) on Oracle Linux 6.6

Fascinated by fractal trees? Astonished by TokuDB storage engine? Watching new trends where MySQL/MariaDB serves as baseline and competitive advantages are based on storage engines? Welcome! 🙂

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Killing screen tearing (Manjaro 0.8.11 KDE)

This bug/feature is one of the longest in a linux history. Shortly – Compiz and other managers are providing you great desktop effects. On the other hand you can’t see any movie without screen tearing. Another pathetic moments in a … Continue reading

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Disable firewall+SELinux (CentOS 7 and similar…)

You know that feeling within testing where you need to virtualize at least one database server and you’re still facing connection issues? Call me piggie, but when I’m doing anything in a localhost realm, I’m skipping creating rules and always … Continue reading

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Flac->mp3 in command line

1) Be sure you have installed flac and lame:

2) In a flac directory, run comand


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