PC-BSD 10.1 as main operating system ?!

Getting rid of kernel fixing (dividing by zero), kernel versions, unbelievable bugs on every step, poor disk setting (file system), poor security (shell shock, remember?)? Ok, I tell you something. I switched from linux(thx for 15 great years anyway!) to BSD in about 2 hours with no mercy and I’m happy 😀

Which BSD „distribution“ to choose?

Why PC-BSD? Among GhostBSD it‘ s simply another „out-of-the-box“ BSD. I have no problems to admit that I’m newbie in BSD world. Complete rookie. I tried OpenBSD, FreeBSD, GhostBSD, DragonflyBSD, NetBSD. Blinking cursor is nothing I’m looking for, I wouldn’t use HAMMER file system at all with my modest needs. Ok, so deciding between GhostBSD and PC-BSD was won by huge repositories and overall better controlling.

File systems

One of the main requirement for operating system is extra_quality_file_system. I was using XFS for ages. Fast, stable, reliable.

Many years I was envying file system of Solaris. ZFS was simply king. So many features, including encryption, dynamic striping, deduplication and more were like a dream. Few years ago I realized that BSDs are commonly using ZFS. From that moment it was just a question of time. There are dozens of great sources about ZFS, I can recommend at least one perfect presentation there.


* All my hardware inside laptop was detected properly (including Intel + nVidia graphics card = Optimus), external sound card.

* GUI (Mate in my case) is working extremely quickly, smoothly, no errors.

* AppCafe looks great, one click solution, including application jailing! 🙂

* VirtualBox working out of box (I have never such luck even with linux distributions!!!)

* SMPlayer playback is smooth, using all intel acceleration it can get.

* Connecting NTFS disk is no problem.

* Incredible CPU utilization (never seen this before in linux world)


* Flash plugin looks like installed (in default) and definitely is not working out-of-the-box – at least for playing YouTube videos (crashing very fast)

* Update Manager looks annoying and is really slow

* As I’m still rookie, CPU on 100% in few moments makes me confused

* System boot time is incredibly long. Nevermind – that’s really nothing.

* Second update completely buried my Windows partition in GRUB configuration 😀 How rude! Fixed by adding few lines in Boot Manager:


* Embedded video in Facebook is not playing sound (thx Futik)


Ugly GUI?


I don’t think so 😉 Classical MATE. You can install in basic image almost 10 window managers.

As my IT world is strictly based on virtualization (database servers), I’m completely satisfied. I can handle music, movies, reading pdf/anything what Ocular can handle, I can indeed browse comfortly (Firefox 33.1), IMing – Pidgin (almighty!), using ftp, torrents, etc…

To be continued.


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