VoltDB 7 community @ Oracle Linux 6.8

What a great news in „VoltDBRIEF January-February 2017“! New version of VoltDB is out. VoltDB is a one of brightest jewells in my „I-want-to-use-and-learn“ list of database solutions. With no doubt we will hear about this product in near future. Let’s have a look on Community edition.

There are lot of differencies between Enterprise and Community editions, anyway from „user“ perspective, the most important for Community is a need for compiling it from source. Sounds hard, right?! 🙂 Hopefully, there is a good document describing few basic things. My way:

1) Consolidate proper java(jdk) version in your computer. I have no reason to trust openjdk, so I’m using the one from Oracle:

Java is installed in /usr/java („Indeed, Watson!“) and the only thing is to setup this one jdk as active one:

There are 4 programs which provide ‚java‘.

Keeping on mind „don’t spend your time with garbage“, choosing proper one line is a matter of one second.

2) Next phase is to install all required packages for building VoltDB Community.

The last command will install a lot of dependencies, which are essentials!

3) GIT time!

4) Tiny kernel adjustment
Transparent huge pages are not supported by VoltDB, so we can disable this feature:

for current session or disable THP on a kernel modules level (GRUB parameter), so my line in /boot/grub/grub.conf looks like:

That would be fine in case you are not using RHEL/clone and its caveats.
There should be still background services which turn THP on.
Adepts for service name = ktune, tuned – so you just need to disable these services from starting.

4.5) Reboot your linux machine.

5) Happy VoltDB user 😉

Server is up and running. Just two more notices:

a) client resides also in bin directory and it’s called „sqlcmd“

b) dashboard resides in http://<hostname>:8080, e.g.:

For further exploring this fantastic software I warmly recommend documentation section.


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