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Killing screen tearing (Manjaro 0.8.13 XFCE)

Getting rid of screen tearing seems like a neverending story in linux environment 😉

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Killing screen tearing (Manjaro 0.8.11 Cinnamon)

This recipe is working for much more wm than Cinnamon only. Put these lines into /etc/environment :


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Fastest exchange openjdk->jdk (Oracle Linux 6.6)

OpenJDK is slower but fits Oracle conditions for distributing well. Probably first thing you should perform on freshly installed distribution is to install Oracle JDK.

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Killing screen tearing (Manjaro 0.8.11 KDE)

This bug/feature is one of the longest in a linux history. Shortly – Compiz and other managers are providing you great desktop effects. On the other hand you can’t see any movie without screen tearing. Another pathetic moments in a … Continue reading

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Disable firewall+SELinux (CentOS 7 and similar…)

You know that feeling within testing where you need to virtualize at least one database server and you’re still facing connection issues? Call me piggie, but when I’m doing anything in a localhost realm, I’m skipping creating rules and always … Continue reading

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Flac->mp3 in command line

1) Be sure you have installed flac and lame:

2) In a flac directory, run comand


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Oracle jdk 8u25 running on OpenSUSE 13.1

As you probably know, Oracle denied to distribute jre/jdk of Oracle Java directly in linux distributions. Exchange with OpenJDK packages was cruel, anyway there are few ways how to install original Java environment again.

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Shrinking linux .vdi (convincing host fs to claim real size, not more :-) ) in Virtualbox

Maybe you know it – virtual linux machine is used for anything (installing Oracle for example) – and its size says something about 12GB /df -h/ – what a surprise that your host OS is allocating around 25GB and still … Continue reading

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Oracle Java 1.8 JDK installation (Debian Jessie alpha)

As you know, Openjdk is spammed through all main linux distributions. If you like Oracle (eh) or just want to have good old Sun java, not slow Openjdk…. and you are really lazy, check this out 🙂

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Disk benchmarking – Bonnie++ (OpenSUSE 13.1)

If you think that simple „dd bs=1M count=512 if=/dev/zero of=test conv=fdatasync“ disk benchmarking is not enough – you’re completely right. There are not so many tools benchmarking your disk, one of the most used is Bonnie++.

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Why am I using XFS?

I must admit I´m really conservative person in many ways. I´m using XFS almost from my linux beginnings, from 2001, when this file system was released for masses 🙂

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OpenSUSE 13.2, aria2 downloader

Universal (HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent and Metalink) downloader, allowing mixed source protocols in CLI – impossible? Welcome to Aria2 world 🙂 Very short intro, skipping whole documentation and showing friendly software usage.

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PC-BSD 10.0.1 – review

With some unchanging facts – 1) I´m lazy, 2) I want many things working out-of-box on operating sytem levels – the world of BSD is a little bit closed to me 🙂 GhostBSD meets my requirements for many years and … Continue reading

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RHEL 6.5 x64 with CentOS 6.5 repositories

Although it looks weird, there can be reasons why OS should be looking as RedHat and using on background CentOS software updates. Let´s simulate this *tricky* environment 🙂

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Basic calculations in Bash

Discussion about limits in Excel (15 decimal digits maximum) with my friend caused inspiration for writing few words about basic number magic within Bash command line.

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