Aqua Data Studio 15.0.11 running in PC-BSD 10.1

Know that kind of concerns? You bought really expensive license for great software…. changed operating system… and just rely that if it is written in Java, it can’t be problem to use it. Agreed.

I’m far far for doing some advertisment – anyway I’m using AquaData Studio for few years and I’m still excited by new features, community and developer’s approach (they are listening 🙂 ). You can use this ultimate database tool (in a sense of wideness, not depth) for free for 14 days – if you are database fan, don’t hesitate. In Download section you can see packages for common platforms (Win,Mac,Linux). Indeed, we are running BSD system, which is not present (and dont wait for it 😀 ). Check „Other“ tab and download „JAVA Platform ENABLED OS – Compressed ZIP „.


Unzip file, datastudio directory appears. Don’t forget, that running script is written in bash in case you don‘ t want to rewrite it for csh (my default shell in system).

In my case I’m changing just 2 lines – #!/bin/bash   became #!/usr/local/bin/bash (result of which bash output). Second adjusting is about home ads directory = ADS_HOME=dirname $0 became ADS_HOME='/usr/home/j/Downloads/datastudio'.

And that’s all – we can now run DataStudio:

All working now, nice antialiased fonts (half of linux distribution will fight with this for many years).

Again – absolutely happy database user 🙂






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