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How DB2 stores data

Second visit in enterprise level database software area 🙂 What about simple varchar saving in datafile in an IBM flagship? Let´s see!

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DB2 10.5 install (Debian 7.2 x64) in text mode

There are 2 options for installing DB2 on linux machine – with GUI setup (Java forever) or in text mode. According praxis, text mode is usable in 100% cases so….

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How Oracle stores data

This small article is a reaction for those convincing me that authentication+authorization policy inside database provides you ultimate data protection 🙂 You don´t want to pay for Oracle Advanced Security, you´re not compressing data and you feel that your data … Continue reading

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Percona server in Manjaro linux

Percona  server, „less-known“ MySQL drop-in replacement for enterprises stands for high quality software. Percona is offering a lot and I really do recommend to test it!

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Grafove databaze

„Standard“ klasickych SQL databazi narazi na bariery kazdy den – tim, jak velikost a pestrost dat rostou exponencialne, vznikaji pozadavky na ulozeni specifickych dat. Grafove databaze jsou pro me fascinujici uz par let…

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Masivni nahrada MySQL MariaDB v linuxovych distribucich

Kdysi bylo MySQL pojmem. Kdysi, v dobach MySQL AB. Kdysi byl Oracle pojmem. Aktualne je Oracle pohrebistem skvelych projektu (OpenSolaris, MySQl). Zadumany uvod, v clanku se pokusim zlepsit 🙂

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Muj problem s distribucemi z Francie

Od poteseneho mruceni k silenemu revu – takto polarizovane se stavim k francouzskym linuxovym pocinum 🙂

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Alpine pro pouziti s gmail uctem

V roce 1999 jsem poprve pouzival emailovy klient. Pine – klasika klasik, neochvejny a statecny gladiator…. Alpine (od stejneho vyvojoveho tymu z Washingtonske univerzity) puvodni Pine preprogramovali, opet v C a opet je to nadhera 🙂

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Node.js & Yeoman installation on PC-BSD

My very good friend of mine – let´s call him Tomas Marny – wrote very nice article about Node.js + Yeoman on PC-BSD. I´m very happy to have a chance to publish it:

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