Killing screen tearing (ArchLabs 5.0.0 Openbox)

Screen tearing is something like a repeating benchmark in various window managers. I can´t imagine something more annoying in a software field, really! Recently I found extremely valuable distribution ArchLabs – so let´s review screen tearing resolving within Openbox WM.

First of all, two facts:

A) I have just Intel Haskell built-in graphic „card“, so no need to worry about nVidia drivers at all.

B) Compton is used as a composite manager. So feel free to deep dive into documentation and what variables means = 1 , 2 .

ArchLabs is brought configured to some point, making any experience near-working out-of-the-box. Don´t ask me why setup few variables in one file is such a problem.

Target file =

Adjustements =

Just check if there is no different value, in my case I just needed to uncomment and make very tiny changes.

Reboot and voila….


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