Node.js & Yeoman installation on PC-BSD

My very good friend of mine – let´s call him Tomas Marny – wrote very nice article about Node.js + Yeoman on PC-BSD. I´m very happy to have a chance to publish it:

  1. Install Firefox or other web browser by AppCafe
  2. Install Node.js by AppCafe
  3. Install Git by AppCafe
  4. Install Ruby by AppCafe

  1. Install ruby-gem for Compass by Console command
  • Get ports
    sudo portsnap fetch
  • Extract ports
    sudo portsnap extract
  • Install gem
cd /usr/ports/devel/ruby-gems/ && sudo make install clean


  1. Install Compass by Console command
sudo gem update –system
sudo gem install compass


  1. Install NPM by Console command
sudo pkg_add -r npm


  1. Install Yeoman by Console command

During installation you can see warning, ignore those warnings

sudo npm install -g yo
sudo npm install -g generator-webapp

That is all 😀




Small test at the end:

sudo npm install -g generator-angular
mkdir yoTest
yo angular
grunt test
grunt server




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