Why am I using XFS?

I must admit I´m really conservative person in many ways. I´m using XFS almost from my linux beginnings, from 2001, when this file system was released for masses 🙂

If you say SGI, you must continue with IRIX and… of course…. XFS! 🙂 Even if you´re not familiar with these terms, you can feel that XFS is not belonging to „amateur-garage-developers“ at least.

You can check user guide, filesystem structure and HOL if you´re interested deeply in this amazing fs.

Ok, my reasons for choosing XFS (as I´m advanced BFU at home as everyone):

* Pure 64-bit OS with limits in EB units can evoke importancy of your system… what more, NASA supercomputers are also using XFS…. wohoooooo! Ok, now more seriously:


* From the very beginning this FS is target for multi-core, multi-threaded disk operations = extremely good transfer rate (including concurrent), mature, quick file system designed for pure performance.

* Fast (=delayed :-D) allocation (by extents) – very useful with daily work with virtualization tools and spending hundreds of GB. It´s connected with online defragmentation.

* xfs_fsr, xfs_repair and other xfs utility.

* Supporting TRIM and option for place journal into another disk.

* fsck (point of many criticism within XFS) is placed into connecting device = no more 30th start of system or period of time.

* Data security – I´m maybe unusual user, but xfs_check is scheduled, any repair/restore/partition copy was done without any issues. Again – I´m just BFU testing these features in my environment.

* Exceptional performance while using ANY database and ANY virtualization solution. Simply – if your work consist of creating more or less big files, XFS is dominating.


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