Killing screen tearing (Manjaro 0.8.11 KDE)

This bug/feature is one of the longest in a linux history. Shortly – Compiz and other managers are providing you great desktop effects. On the other hand you can’t see any movie without screen tearing. Another pathetic moments in a life of linux users 🙂

First of all – google your problem. I bet there are not dozens of users using manjaro with KDE or at least KDE. Ok, my config =

Now just check you „System Settings“ – „Desktop Effects“:


3 tabs after all action can look similar:




As this is a monkey business from my point of view – im simply unchecking all in first two tabs + choosing OpenGL + automatic tearing prevention in 3rd tab.

SMplayer can be set on xv or any other Video driver, playing smoothly…. similar to Windows out-of-box. Yup, this is really lame.


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