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Flac->mp3 in command line

1) Be sure you have installed flac and lame:

2) In a flac directory, run comand


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db2setup – invalid hostname in a first setup window

„The host name ‚myHost‘ is invalid. Ensure the host name resolves to a valid ip address. Specify a valid host name and rerun the command.“ = loopback is not associated with hostname. Solution =


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R and Oracle – connection via RJDBC (Debian 8 Jessie Beta2)

As R language is taken as one of the best analytics languages/tools in general, databases can‘ t be overlooked. Article is focused on very simple connection example for connecting R with Oracle database.

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Aqua Data Studio 15.0.11 running in PC-BSD 10.1

Know that kind of concerns? You bought really expensive license for great software…. changed operating system… and just rely that if it is written in Java, it can’t be problem to use it. Agreed.

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PC-BSD 10.1 – customizing powerd

Know that feeling that something is just different while using new operating system? Ok, fan is running and – indeed – it is caused by power (non-)saving features in default setting (at least in my case). How to solve it … Continue reading

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PC-BSD 10.1 as main operating system ?!

Getting rid of kernel fixing (dividing by zero), kernel versions, unbelievable bugs on every step, poor disk setting (file system), poor security (shell shock, remember?)? Ok, I tell you something. I switched from linux(thx for 15 great years anyway!) to … Continue reading

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Master-master replication (MariaDB on Manjaro)

Sometimes it’s very useful to skip well-known master-slave replication scenario and focus on master-master possibility 🙂

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Oracle jdk 8u25 running on OpenSUSE 13.1

As you probably know, Oracle denied to distribute jre/jdk of Oracle Java directly in linux distributions. Exchange with OpenJDK packages was cruel, anyway there are few ways how to install original Java environment again.

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DB2 – „Virtual storage or database resource is not available“ error

Default DB2 DB and DBM variables are set pretty well and logical. The only manual adjusting can occur when you’re trying to overload transactions a bit. For example by copying tables.

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Shrinking linux .vdi (convincing host fs to claim real size, not more :-) ) in Virtualbox

Maybe you know it – virtual linux machine is used for anything (installing Oracle for example) – and its size says something about 12GB /df -h/ – what a surprise that your host OS is allocating around 25GB and still … Continue reading

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Oracle Database install on Oracle Linux 6.5 (x64)

There are installing processes that I really do love (DB2) and on the other side there are install processes which I really hate (Oracle Database). Bright and dark side of database software in linux world. Let´s uncover one of the … Continue reading

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Oracle Java 1.8 JDK installation (Debian Jessie alpha)

As you know, Openjdk is spammed through all main linux distributions. If you like Oracle (eh) or just want to have good old Sun java, not slow Openjdk…. and you are really lazy, check this out 🙂

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Disk benchmarking – Bonnie++ (OpenSUSE 13.1)

If you think that simple „dd bs=1M count=512 if=/dev/zero of=test conv=fdatasync“ disk benchmarking is not enough – you’re completely right. There are not so many tools benchmarking your disk, one of the most used is Bonnie++.

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Change data directory – MariaDB 10.0.x

One of most valuable thing is good documentation – for common database actions. I didn´t find any well documented step-by-step guide to change data directory in MariaDB, Debian environment. Please be aware that this one guide is not perfect and … Continue reading

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MariaDB 10.x install – Debian 7.4 x64

As Debian is still using MySQL in default, there are very few steps to install MariaDB 10.x…

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