TokuDB 7.5.3 (MySQL 5.5.40) on Oracle Linux 6.6

Fascinated by fractal trees? Astonished by TokuDB storage engine? Watching new trends where MySQL/MariaDB serves as baseline and competitive advantages are based on storage engines? Welcome! 🙂

0) Use (or prepare virtual machine) with Linux OS, 64-bit. There are no other architectures available at this moment + not planned anyway, as far as I know. Anyway it’s pretty common environment. I love Oracle Linux for its performance and very nice database-usage-tuned-operating-system.

1) Download .tar.gz from website. It is well known non-binary installation package of mysql with all tokudb features inside. For next few I’m using official install guide with my notices and adjustements, indeed 🙂

2) Create mysql user within mysql group:

3) Make home directory for TokuDB and extract downloaded .tar.gz inside it:

4) Create symbolic link for better handling with server + change permissions (recursively):

5) Create/adjust my.cnf, the heart of every mysql server. You can find something like a templates in support-files directory.

and now you will define 2 important directories – where server resides + where data are stored = add/adjust these lines inside /etc/my.cnf :

6) Double-check both directories owners! All should be set to mysql:mysql. Indeed, if you love adrenaline, mysterious errors and failed start server…. ignore it 🙂

e.g. for datadir:

7) Setup system tables as mysql user:

7) “Create” service and start mysql server

8) Checking if mysql is really running and… what is this all about… tokudb is present! 🙂

And we can directly check in mysql if plugins are ready. Important notice – I didn’t run mysql_secure_installation utility = there’s no password for mysql root user, beware 🙂

All done! 🙂


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