PostgreSQL’s inspiring…

With no doubt PostgreSQL really can be „the World’s most advanced open-source database. At least, this database  inspired many developers to adjust it for their purposes. Tiny article, link collector 😉

Commercialy oriented adjusting

A) Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres

  • PiT backup/recovery, transparent data encryption, enhanced Oracle compatibility, GUI, etc.

B) Posgtres Professionals

  • Custom builds for Windows

C) Enterprise DB

  • Custom builds with  many additions

Commercial mammoths (based on PostgreSQL)

A) Netezza

  • World-class analytics

B) HP Vertica

  • World-class analytics

Interesting derivates from PostgreSQL

A) CitusDB

  • commercial, MPP, smart joins, real-time INSERTs and UPDATEs, etc.

B) PipelineDB

  • Open-source, running SQL queries continuously in streams – distilling data in real-time

C) Greenplum

  • Open-source, MPP data warehouse

D) Postgres-XL

  • Open-source, cluster solution


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