Solaris 11.1 (x86-64) installation in VirtualBox

As mentioned before, I hate dogmas. Very brief information leads to distorted judgments frequently. And it would be really pitty to say 1) Solaris needs SPARC for running and 2) Everything including install is really hard. Well, 2x no 🙂

Downloading and installing

You can download Oracle Solaris 11.1 through this page. Please have on mind that x86 means really architecture – Solaris 11.1 is only 64-bit operating system – and x86 is mentioned just to distinguish this architecture from SPARC. And please also invest time for license reading. There were many changes during last year.

Create new Virtualbox machine, consider your options and Solaris 11 requirements (2GB minimum for running seemed to me very low) – I choose 8GB RAM allocation (counting with ZFS, java graphical environment and Oracle/DB2 databases running), 4 cores. After mounting iso (sol-11_1-live-x86.iso this time, graphical install mode), installer will run. After few minutes of waiting…

…you will be asked for keyboard layout and install language (both default values = English). After another few moments you will see classical (GNOME 2) gui:

Installer looks really familiar (at least for those who already installed Oracle database :-D):

6 steps (without first and last page) and installation is done? You must be joking, that seems much better than many linux distributions!!!! 🙂

No other choice…

Now few words – as you know, UEFI is unfortunately here. Solaris 11.1 is (U)EFI compliant operating system. BIOS Boot Partition is essential (and if you check this partition after installation, it will have BOOT flag). So don´t be scared and continue 🙂 (more information about boot process can be found here).

Nice! 🙂

Basic user information, no surprises till now 🙂

If you have subscription, don´t hesitate to admit it…

Final step. Is it possible? Really? Wow again! 🙂